Epic Local Food: The Pierogi

Dining like the Polish in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Polish Pierogis in Brooklyn

“What is a pierogi,” you ask?

If you’ve never tried this dumpling of Polish origin, you are missing out on an extreme “Yum” situation. Just like most foods, Pierogi taste best when they are fried to a slight crisp, although you may encounter the so-called “healthier” boiled version. You can choose from a selection of fillings, most typically: potato, cheese, meat, sauerkraut, or mushroom. Try them with a dab of sour cream or apple sauce, and a pint of the Polish beer, Zywiec.

These Polish specialties can be found in Williamsburg restaurants, but are most readily available in nearby Greenpoint, otherwise known as “Little Poland.” Starting in 1900, Greenpoint experienced a huge influx of Polish immigrants—a determined population who have maintained a strong presence in the neighborhood, evident in their restaurants, social clubs, and shops selling babka breads and keilbasa.

Where to try authentic Polish pierogi:

Lomzynianka (646 Manhattan Ave., between Bedford Ave. and Norman Ave., Greenpoint, Brooklyn; 718-389-9439; G Subway to Nassau or L Subway to Bedford Ave.; Website: http://www.lomzynianka.com.)

Karczma (136 Greenpoint Ave., Greenpoint, Brooklyn; 718-349-1744; G Subway to Greenpoint Ave. or East River Ferry to Greenpoint; Website: http://www.karczmabrooklyn.com.)

Polonia Restaurant (631 Manhattan Ave., Greenpoint, Brooklyn; 347-385-8007; G Subway to Nassau or L Subway to Bedford Ave.)

Krolewskie Jadlo (694 Manhattan Ave, Greenpoint, Brooklyn; 718-383-8993; G subway to Nassau Ave. or L subway to Bedford Ave.; Website: http://www.krolewskiejadlo.com.)

Kasia’s (146 Bedford Ave., Williamsburg, Brooklyn; 718-387-8780; L subway to Bedford Ave.)