Outsider Art: Williamsburg’s Provocative Street Art

Williamsburg Street Art - Brooklyn - Hip Williamsburg
Walking around Williamsburg, Brooklyn is like visiting an outdoor art gallery. The innovative street artists leaving their mark here are on a par with those tagging in London, Berlin and Paris. The work is often politically-charged and playful, with a nod given to the street art of Bansky. Most of these works have been put up as part of a guerrilla art project under the name of the Street Museum of Art (SmoA).

Street art has by nature a short wall life. The brick wall is a temporary canvas, meant to reflect a fleeting response to the setting and the times. It is an integral aspect of graffiti culture for artists and taggers to be territorial, competitive, and to deface or replace each other’s work. And of course, uncomissioned street art is always under thStreet art in Williamsburg Brooklynreat of being white-walled by the property owner or the city.

The images below are a sampling of the striking street art that has popped up over the past few years around Williamsburg, specifically in the areas surrounding the Bedford Avenue L stop and the waterfront. Some of these are no longer up. The location and artist have been indicated, where possible.



Williamsburg Brooklyn Street Art
Artist: Robots Will Kill, aka Nick Kuszyk (robots.com). Location: Corner of Bedford Ave. and North 3rd St .
Williamsburg Brooklyn Street Art
Artist: Lister. Location: Corner of Metropolitan Ave. and Roebling St.
Williamsburg Brooklyn Street Art
Artist: Creepy. Location: Backyard of The City Reliquary Museum on Metropolian Ave.
Street Art in Williamsburg
Artists: B.D. White and Jilly Ballistic. Location: North 6th St. between Berry and Wythe Ave.
Artist: D*Face. Location: Bedford Ave. and Broadway.
Williamsburg Street art
Artist: unknown. Location: Kent Ave. and South 5th St.
Street Art in Williamsburg
Artist: Gaia. Location: Bedford Ave. at N. 7th St.
Williamsburg Brooklyn Street Art
Artist: Tristan Eaton. Location: Filmore Place between Roebling St. and Driggs Ave.
Williamsburg Brooklyn Street Art
Artist: Nick Walker. Location: Roebling St. near Metropolitan Ave.
What to see in Williamsburg: street art tour
Artist: Icy & Sot. Location: corner of Wythe Ave. and S. 6th St.
Street Art tour Williamsburg Brooklyn
Location: corner of Berry St. and South 4th St.
Williamsburg Brooklyn Street Art
Artists: Buff Monster, Galo, The London Police, Microbo. Location: corner of Wythe Ave. and South 6th St.
Street Art Tour in Williamsburg Brooklyn
Artist: JR. Location: South 5th St, between Wythe Ave. and Berry St.
Street Art tour in Williamsburg Brooklyn
Artist: Judith Supine.
Williamsburg Brooklyn Street Art
Artist: ROA. Location: The Monster Island Building on 210 Kent Ave., former home of the Live with Animals Gallery. (no longer there).
Williamsburg Brooklyn Street Art
Artist: Dain
Williamsburg Brooklyn Street Art
Artist: ROA. Location: North 5th St. and Berry St.
Photos by Vanessa Ray, all rights reserved.