Videology Bar and Screening Room: Critical Drinking

Videology Bar and Movie Events in Williamsburg

Much like a patchwork quilt, Williamsburg is a neighborhood that is made up of different scenes and vibes. Everyone knows about the ‘Burg’s brunch and hip bar scene, but there’s a place further south on Bedford Avenue where the true nerds and cinephiles can congregate and socialize. I am speaking of course about Videology, a friendly bar with a separate screening room.

This long-loved, independent video store now looks a little different, but still offers a dvd rental library; and the bar maintains its movie theme in everything they do, even with the drinks. You can choose The Dude cocktail for all you Big Lebowski fans (vodka, Kahlua, cream), a Bonfire of the Vanities Sidecar (cognac, cointreau, fresh lemon juice, sugared rim), or the Eternal Sunshine Blue Ruin (Bombay Sapphire gin, tonic, blue curaçao), among many others. And since they are a Brooklyn bar, they’ve got a full selection of local beer including the Sixpoint Bengali Tiger, a Captain Lawrence kolsch out of Westchester, as well as your Negra Modelos and Pacifico Claras. They also have a full food menu with classics such as their famous nachos, tacos, and even Cuban sandwiches.

The main attraction at Videology is the lineup of off-beat film events held in the screening room. The bar opens up into this tastefully dim, exposed brick-laden lounge with a full-size projector screen toward the back. I was recently here for their Serial podcast listening party, where everyone sat transfixed, focused on their Serial slideshow while intently listening to the true crime being unfolded. This night was a rarity, as most of the time they host more video-related events such as Twin Peaks Bingo on Wednesdays, Movie Trivia on Tuesdays, and Sci-Fi Sundays. But you don’t have to be a regular Gene Shalit to enjoy yourself here. Videology screens films of all genres, and it draws in patrons from all corners of the five boroughs—a crowd ranging from bar-hopping, Bedford Ave hipsters to total cinema nerds who rarely leave the house. So come grab a drink, get cozy in a booth, and enjoy the show: Williamsburg-style.

308 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, NY; 718-782-3468; Subways: L to Bedford Ave or J/M/Z to Marcy Ave; Website:
Bio: Contributing writer, Jordan Reisman is a music journalist, drummer, and podcast freak. He lays his (knit) hat down in South Brooklyn.

Photography by Lisette Poole, courtesy of Videology